Exhibited at 2021 Seoul Biennale for Architecture and Urbanism

Coats for Philly proposes a simple question: What happens when the retrofit of the envelope is no longer resolvable at the level of detail? What happens when it is no longer possible to deny the spatial implications of its thickness? Standing at the precipice of the anthological canon, and appropriating the architectural phenomenon of double skin – the moment where the layering of solid material and void space takes on a quality of ‘room-ness’, Coats for Philly deploys layered space as sensible architecture while querying the possibility of an architecture predicated on the space between the layers. If the interstitial space in the envelope suddenly becomes large enough for people and takes on a certain interiority, how might this space be used other than as an agent of energy performance? What are its possible spatial implications? What drama might it sponsor?

Photography by Lee Hanul